Manufacturings, deliveries and returns

The manufacturing of your order

Everything present articles on the site (as well as and, called below The workshop of Akinra) are made-to-order. It means that they are not in stock at the time of your order. Every part requires a time of manufacturing which can stretch out according to the period of the year. The next deadlines are given for information purposes and represent not at all a promise of delivery time. However, The workshop of Akinra commits to the fact that deadlines reality exède not twice the duration estimated in the next board except for holidays and period of closure.


Off season (in September, October, January, February, March):

One week for an order lower than 100 euros.

Two week for an order from 100 to 300 euros.

Three week for an order from 300 to 600 euros.

For any order superior to 600 euros, one personalized deadline will be sent to you by e-mail in 48 hour (except week-end).

Season of the festivals (in April, May, June, November and December):

Two week for an order lower than 100 euros.

Three week for an order from 100 to 300 euros.

Four week for an order from 300 to 600 euros.

For any order superior to 600 euros, one personalized deadline will be sent to you by e-mail in 48 hour (except week-end).


Very high season (in July and August):

Due to the absence of the craftsman for the majority of these two months, the shop will be unavailable. So, no order will be realized or recorded for these two months, the site will be only available for consultation in mode "catalog". Do not hesitate to ask us your question, but remember that your answer could wait during three or four weeks! You will find on the other hand The workshop of Akinra on numerous dates for these two months, consult the calendar for more informations.

In case the ordered products would be in stock, the expedition would be made in 2/3 days following the order.



The transport of your parcel

The mode of national shipping standard is Colissimo or Letter Max (according to the size and the weight of sent articles), without signature. If you wish a delivery with signature, an additional cost applies, thank you for contacting us beforehand. It is also possible to opt for an economic sending without number followed at small price (sending by letter lounges in the price list).

If you opt for a followed sending (Colissimo or Letter Max), we shall supply you as soon as possible a link which will allow you to follow on-line the delivery of your order. Watch out, in the case of an international shipping (except metropolitan France), the standard sending is the not followed parcel.

If you wish a followed sending, additional costs will apply.

The shipment charges include the packaging, the handling and the mail expenses. They contain a fixed part of a amount of 1€, corresponding to the expense of manutension and packaging (cardbox, Manilla paper, foams etc.) and a variable part according to the price or to the weight of your order. We recommend you to group your purchases in a unique order to avoid expenses too high. We cannot group two different orders and you will have to settle postal charges for each of them. Your parcel is sent at your own risks, a particular care is brought to the parcel containing fragile products, but we would not know how to be held responsible for any degradation arisen during the transport, after deposit by ourselves in the Post office.

Parcel are oversized and protected.

Unless otherwise stipulated, the delivery is made to the address indicated by the buyer during the order. In case of error on behalf of the buyer in the description of the address, The workshop of Akinra could not be held responsible for the impossibility to deliver the product to the right destination.

The workshop of Akinra undertakes to communicate to the buyer by e-mail the information about the delivery as soon as order have been credited to the seller.

In case of damage during the transport, a complaint must be formulated with the carrier at the reception of the sending. The workshop of Akinra could not be held responsible of any degradation, loss or theft of parcel by the carrier. In case of loss of the parcel, no refund and no dismissal can be envisaged.

The workshop of Akinra cannot guarantee delivery, only the crafting and the expedition.



Delivery deadlines

Deadlines between the expedition by The workshop of Akinra of products and the reception of these by the buyer is on no account within the competence of The workshop of Akinra and The workshop of Akinra could not be questioned in case of delay. Crafting the order can take from one to four weeks.


Retraction and returns

According to the article L. 121-21 of the Code of the consumption, the buyer has a deadline of 14 working days from the delivery date of his order, to return any article not agreeing him (or her) and ask for the exchange or the refund without penalty, with the exception of the expenses of return which will be to his whole charge.

However, please note that:

- The return will have to be made after agreement between The workshop of Akinra and the buyer. For that purpose, thank you for making a declaration without ambiguity, expressing the will to retract you (article L. 121-21-2 of the Code of the consumption) by e-mail. The buyer will restore the products at the latest 14 days following the communication of his decision to retract.

- The parcel must be sent back at the personal expenses of the buyer in the same conditions of sending and protection as was the shipping by The workshop of Akinra.

- Products will have to be complete, intact and unpacked, always in their original packings.

Any degradation of the product will lead to its non-refund. In case products would arrive damaged to The workshop of Akinra, only a photo proving their good state when shipped by the buyer would give evidence of its honesty.

The workshop of Akinra gives a system of selection of elements by drop-down menus to allow the buyer to personalize its ordered articles. In case of error or of forgetting by buyer during the customization of the creations, the return of articles and their forwarding will be made at the expense of the buyer. The workshop of Akinra cannot be held responsible for these forgetting and no refund will be made for this motive.

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